Technical informations and requirements

Technical requirements

Extension updates

De Luminae Extensions can check if updates are available on De Luminae web site.
To check manually use feature Extensions -> De Luminae -> Global parameters -> Check for update.

The update verification informs user if there is a new version on the site, but doesn't download update or force its installation.

Technical information

SunExposure extension is written in JavaScript, Ruby et Python. Extension code uses standard Ruby API library provided by SketchUp.

Sensors generation, calculation of sun exposure, results analysis and false color images generation are performed in Python language.

Program uses Radiance to perform exposure calculations. Included radiance programs are: gensky, getinfo, epw2wea, oconv, pcomb, pcompos, pextrem, pfilt, pflip, psign, pvalue, ra_gif, rcalc, rtrace. These are binary versions of Radiance programs compiled by NREL OpenStudio website.

Visual and numerical results given in SketchUp are validated against test case projects and cross-checked with other shadow calculation tools.


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