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SketchUp extension
to Study Natural Light
in Architectural and Urban Projects

New in DL-Light: Compatible SketchUp 2020

Sky View Factor on DL-LIght

Our philosophy

Natural light is an essential part of architecture and urban planning.

Key element of architectural and urban plasticity, it plays an important part in comfort, pleasantness and well-being.

It plays an essential role in the control of energy consumption. In many buildings, the quantity of energy spent for artificial lighting is greater the one spent on heating.

DL-Light helps architect, urban planners and technical offices in their quest for performance, comfort and pleasantness of luminous ambiances and to improve energy consumption control.

12 modules to calculate indicators for natural light

Daylight Factor and DL-Light

Daylight Factor

and BREEAM requirements

Results integrated within SketchUp
Calculation of Daylight Factor or
with BREEAM DF thresholds
entirely predefined.

Daylight Autonomy in DL-Light

Daylight Autonomy

and BREEAM requirements

for environmental certifications. 
Calculation with free thresholds or
BREEAM autonomy thresholds
entirely predefined.

Exposure to direct sun and DL-Light

Exposure to Direct Sun

for solar studies

for solar studies.
Hours or daily average exposure to direct sunrays using climate files over a complete time period.

Sky View Factor in DL-Light

Sky View Factor

and percentage of visible sky

Evaluation of well-being in interior and exterior spaces.
Essential aspect of comfort and pleasantness of space users.

Watt and radiation in DL-Light

Watt / m²

for irradiation studies

Energy received by outside surfaces.
Indicator for energy used in combination with the indicators for sunrays and sky.



Super fast simulation

Super fast and reliable simulation of luminance and illuminance using Intel's engine Embree. Multi-points of view, False color visualisation.

Sky View Factor  in DL-Light


Virtual Sky Component

Early stage evaluation of how the project is hadling light from the sky

APSH in DL-Light


Annual Probable Sunlight Hours

Early evaluation of how the project is handling the sun light

NSL within DL-Light

No Sky Line

Australian indicator

To understand zones which see the sky

SEPP65 in DL-Light

SEPP65 Daylight

Evaluation of solar access in Australia. 

Compare scenarios in DL-Light


This tool helps to help compare alternative designs in terms of Daylight Factor, Autonomy, Irradiance, etc.
The analysis shows how different designs lead to different results in Daylighting and how efficient a scenario may be. It is particularly useful to understand the impact of protections.

Watt reduction factor in DL-Light

Watt Reduction Factor

Ratio of the solar irradiance (W/m²) to the theoretical irradiance of an identical but virtual and isolated surface without surrounding surfaces. The Watt Reduction Factor can be interpreted as the normalization of a standard Watt calculation by the maximum reachable with the local climate.

Sky Factor in DL-Light

Sky Factor and Rights of Light

Ratio of illuminance received directly through unglazed openings, to illuminance on a horizontal plane due to an unobstructed hemisphere, for a standard CIE overcast sky luminance distribution.

Horizontal SIght Angle in DL-Light

Horizontal Sight Angle (from EN 17037)

Measurement at a point of the viewing angle towards the outside.
The openings are the windows looking towards the exterior of the building.

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