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Daylight Factor

Requirement in Environmental Certifications

DL-Light calculates the Daylight Factor. DF is calculated and results are directly displayed within the 3D SketchUp model.

DL-Light also calculates the requirements given by BREEAM environmental assessment method for average and minimum daylight factor and for uniformity.

The Daylight Factor is the ratio of the interior illuminance received on a given point on a reference plane, to the simultaneous outside illuminance on a unobstructed horizontal plane. This indicator evaluates the performance of the daylighting under an overcast sky. It allows to understand how the light from the sky is distributed in the interior spaces.

As the Daylight Factor does not take into account direct sunrays, it is independent from the site climatic conditions and the orientation of the building. However it allows to understand precisely the influence of the materials used.

DL-Light calculates the Daylight Factor using ray-tracing simulations thanks to Radiance simulation engine.