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Download DL-Light and DL-Instant

You can download evaluation versions of DL-Light and DL-Instant for free and use it in your Sketchup projects. The downloaded evaluation version has some limitations.

There is no time limitation on the use of the evaluation version of DL-Light or DL-Instant.

For a professional use, we recommend that you buy a license on the following page.

Version 8.0.84 for Windows

Compatible with DL-Instant
BREEAM New Construction 2016, Energy calculationDaylight Factor,
Luminous Autonomy, BREEAM daylight factor and autonomy,
Solar studies, Sky View Factor and SEPP65 Daylight. Watt Reduction Factor
Installer for Windows7 or higher for Sketchup 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.

Version 8.0.84 for Mac

Includes the Daylight Autonomy with BREEAM support,
Daylight Factor with BREEAM support, Watt calculation,
Exposure to direct sunrays, SkyViewFactor, SEPP65. Watt Reduction Factor
Installer for MacOs
For SketchUp 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

DL-Instant 6.0.35 for Windows

Instant is a super fast module for the simulation of luminance and illuminance in architectural and urban projects within SketchUp.
Built upon the ray-tracing engine Embree developed by Intel, it allows to visualize quickly the status of the project regarding daylighting.
You can download Instant independently and acquire a separate license.
Instant license is also included inside DL-Light license..