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Horizontal Sight Angle

EN 17037 compliant

The Horizontal Sight Angle is the measurement at a point of the viewing angle towards the outside. The openings are the windows looking towards the exterior of the building. The horizontal sight angle of a room completely closed is 0°, the horizontal sight angle of a flat surface without any wall around is 360°.

The Horizontal Sight Angle indicator is used in particular by the European standard EN 17037 (in UK: BS EN 17037:2018 Daylight in buildings).

The EN 17037 standard uses 3 thresholds for the sight angle: 14°, 28° and 54°. This extension makes it possible to analyze a surface according to a customizable scale that can give more information during the design phase than these 3 thresholds.

Easy visualization of the Horizontal  Sight Angle inside Sketchup models

Every calculated surface is displayed in false colors according to the palette to allow immediate understanding of the results

Horizontal Sight Angle in DL-Light

Detailled results

The report window gives detailled results for each surface and can be easily exported.

Horizontal Sight Angle  in DL-Light