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Fast and reliable simulations of luminance and illuminance in daylighting for architectural and urban projects

 DL-Instant is a fast simulation software of daylit ambiances for architecture and urban projects. It uses a ray-tracing engine called Embree developed by Intel and adapted by French computing laboratory Gaspard Monge and De Luminæ.

It allows as soon as the conception phase to study natural light directly from a SketchUp model.

DL-Instant is a module of DL-light suite and it shares the same general philosophy: " Use the most sophisticated technical tools and hide complexity to give to the user, as early as possible, valid information and chart inside their conception tool. "

3D rendering tools generally aim to generate the nicest possible images, and provide a realism that brings in the user's subjectivity.

On the oppposite, DL-Instant focuses on the scientific validity and fiability of natural light distribution on the model.