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What's new in the latest version of DL-Light

You'll find here the latest enhancements of DL-Light. The details of previous versions is shown below.

DL-Light 7.0.40 for MacOS and Windows:

    Adding surface average results within Watt module report

DL-Light 7.0.39 for MacOS and Windows:

    Bug fix on a rare occurence for textures

DL-Light 7.0.38 for MacOS and Windows:

    Important Bug fix in the Watt module on the calculation of the maximum of insolation on a point

    Improvement on DF and DA report columns

DL-Light 7.0.24 for MacOS and Windows:

    Improved management of internal referentials for faces inside groups

    Various improvements on the management of faces' id. Added controls for duplicate faces.

    Bug fix on Sunexposure where clear sky is set before calculation.

DL-Light 7.0.20 for MacOS and Windows:

    Bug fix on crash for trial version

DL-Light 7.0.18 for MacOS and Windows:

    Improved virtual surfaces

    Improved management of quasi-planar surfaces (but not so planar in fact)...

    Modified authentication for complex cases

    Bug fixes 

DL-Light  7.0.8 for MacOS: 

    Bug fix on reports for somes cases of surfaces

DL-Light 7.0.7: 

    Bug fix on report tables

DL-Light 7.0.6: Major version

    SEPP65 Australian Daylight indicator included in DL-Light

    New version of Radiance included

    Improvements on the generation of sensors

    Improved interface

    Improved management of huge number of sensors

    Better preferences management

    Various bug fixes

Previous version

DL-Light Version 6.0.32    Bug fix on screenshots with palette

DL-Light Version 6.0.27    No more Dos box when calculation are launched

DL-Light Version 6.0.23: Major Version
    Full coherence with the Mac version
    New interface
    New preference management
    New false colour management
    Bug fixes

DL-Instant Version 6.0.23:     Bug fix on exported images 

DL-Light Version 6.0.32:

    Bug fix on screenshots with palette

DL-Light Version 6.0.26:

    Bug fix on the display of transmission coefficient of transparent materials

Version 6.0.23: 

    Bug fixes

Version 6.0.13: 

    Autonomy calculation and Breeam support 

    Improved false color textures

    New interface

    New preferences management

    Improved speed

    Bux fixes

    Major interal refactoring

Previous version

DL-Instant Version 6.0.13: 

    Bug fix on Instant export in GPU movements

    Bux fix on display for evaluation version

DL-Light Version 6.0.13:

    Bug fix for the calculation of autonomy at a precise moment (single hour calculation).

DL-Light Version 6.0.12:

    Support of SketchUp 2018

Version 5.1.51: Improvements

    Remember dialog size and position where dialog are reopened 

    New daylight factor functionality : specify different surfaces types (Default surfaces type and specific ones)

    Various fixes (correction on the support of Hebrew characters, ...)

Version 5.1.45    Report improvements

Version 5.1.44   

    Calculation of the Daylight Factor

    Support of SketchUp 2018

    Improved false colour imaging system

    Improved preferences management

Previous version

Version 6.0.10:

       Nouveau module Instant pour des simulations très rapides en luminance et en éclairement.

       Gestion des heures de jour et de nuit dans les profils d'occupation pour les calculs d'autonomie lumineuse

       Amélioration des programmes d'export de surfaces très complexes.

Version 5.1.25: Improved help files, few bug fixes

Version 5.1.21: includes a fix for preference window.

Version 5.1.16: The macOS version is back!

    It includes exposure to direct sunrays, sky view factor and the new Watt module.

    Daylight Factor, Luminous autonomy and BREEAM calculation will be added as soon as possible.

DL-Light Release Notes

Version 5.0.15: Improved management of large SketchUp files (hundreds of layers, etc.)

Version 5.0.14: Windows version now includes the watt module to calculate the energy arriving on the outside faces.

  New simpler interface for all modules.

Improved in version 4.2.7:

    Bug fix regarding Push/Pull tool.

    Quick patch to take into account South hemisphere season definition 

New in verion 4.2.3:

    Support of SketchUp 2017.


    In SunExposure module added separate definition of site Location and Weather file to reach a maximum position of the sun.

    In SunExposure module added possibility to select time step in range 1-60min for clear sky calculation.

    Added feature ‘Show/Hide virtual surfaces’ in SE and SVF extension.


    User interface is now using jQuery libraries.

    Improved algorithms for custom time period.

    DF ReportDialog shows average DF value per surface.


    Fixed font size problems for Windows 8 for high resolution screens or with modified font size in advanced Windows settings.

    Fixed bug when some of location coordinates are 0.

    Fixed DA calculation when location coordinates and weather data are different.


    Added new extension DaylightFactor

    Added faces highlighting when working in ReportDialog and SpaceTypeDialogAdded

    Added naming of spaces for easier reporting

    Added reports for Skyview Factor and SunExposure

    Added possibility to Detach all Materials and revert to previous configuration of materials


    Tools ‘Create Copy’ and ‘Create Copy in Instances’ have been simplified and work like other standard SketchUp tools.

    Copy surfaces created only for faces selected after tools activation

    Improved DA BREEAM accuracy – sensors closer to borders than limit distance are removed from minimum illuminance

    Change format of output report files

    Improved palette appearance in snapshot images

    Bug fixes


    Access to detailed results per surface in Autonomy, Breeam, SVF and SunExposure.

    Added report dialog for SVF and SunExposure.

    Minor improvements.

    Bug Fixes.


    Calculation of BREEAM requirements for minimum point illuminance.

    Calculation of BREEAM requirements for average illuminance.

    Space type management for BREEAM.

    Evaluation of BREEAM illuminance requirements for a whole project.


   New material manager.

    Report dialog

    Bug fixes.


    Daylight Autonomy calculation

    Faster calculation is all 3 modules

    Better management of calculation abort

    Bug fixes


    SkyView Factor can now be calculated

    Per layer selection

    One-click selection

    Check for updates

    Extension switch


    Better FC scale generation

    Improved management of Output directory

    Fixed SunExposure calculation for single hour

    Reorganization of observers

    Bug fixes.