Improve false colors

If falsecolor images aren’t mapped good, there could be several reasons and most of them can be solved easily:

Case 1

Material is not mapped good near surface edges or holes edges (color is changed towards green/blue) – start Show sensors and values tool  to see how they are positioned and if there are sensors near edges. If needed recalculate sun exposure for that surface with lower distance between sensors.
This kind of problem shouldn’t appear very often.

Case 2

If material is pasted completely wrong and sensors seem to be positioned well over plane surface, check if the face have collinear corner points (like some edge is composed of more than one line). This can cause wrong interpretation of plane corner points when false color material is pasted.
2 possible solutions – automatic and manual one:

  • Automatic model cleaning – If number of problematic surfaces is rather big, Sketchup model should be cleaned before SunExposure extension is used. To clean model use one of next tools:
  • Manual model cleaning – For problematic surface(s), find edges that are composed of more than one part. Delete edge lines and draw a single line instead (put line Layer to be the same as face layer).

After you clean the model recalculate SunExposure and import results again.
Note that for some surfaces this automatic cleaning may not solve the problem so manual cleaning is required.

Case 3

False color material pasting is obviously wrong, and surface(s) have very irregular shape or aspect ratio is too big/small.
Solution is to try to replace problematic surface(s) with one or multiple simpler surfaces, with more balanced aspect ratio and also put lower sensor distance for the surface.
Then repeat calculation and results analysis and import.

Case 4

If none of previous cases solve the problem, please inform extension authors on