Strange images

In order to color the whole surfaces from a set of discrete points, SunExposure uses several  interpolation techniques.  Depending on the shape of the faces, interpolation algorithms perform may leads to better or poorer results.

SunExposure automatically selects the interpolation algotithm that should give the best results.

In certain cases Automatic image interpolation algorithm selection, doesn’t give satisfying false color results on surfaces with constant values in sensors (over complete surface area or some part of surface area). If results aren’t as expected, try some of tips listed below:

  • Increase Level of details for sensors generation in  “SunExposure dialog”, and Run calculation for problematic surface’s with “Run selected“.
  • Change scale type to “Automatic linear scale” and “Rerun images“.
  • Change color limits in SunExposure dialog, to be further from exact sensors values for the problematic surface and then “Rerun images.”
  • Decrease number of colors in the palette – to avoid very narrow range of values for a single color.
  • Change image interpolation algorithm in ‘Preferences dialog’. Read Interpolation algorithms

Have in mind, that no interpolation algorithm is perfect :)