SunExposure Sketchup Extension

You can freely download SunExposure within DL-Light and buy DL-Light license to enhance functionalities.

The SunExposure module of DL-Light allows to calculate, for a given period of time, the number of hours during which the direct sunrays hit the surfaces of a Sketchup model.

You can make solar studies either using climatic data or to study exposure to sunrays under a clear sky with the precision of your choice (down to one miunte time step).

Unlike a simple shadow visualization, SunExposure takes into account the climatic data of the site and calculates for a whole period of time the daily average or total exposure to sunrays.

You can know easily if the sun hits your facade 1 hour per day or 5 hours per day taking into account your protections and the climate of the site.

Hence, it is an great tool to evaluate the need for protections of glazed surfaces and their efficiency and to demonstrate it to your clients.

You may know for the whole summer, for example, how many hours a day the sun will enter your space based on the climatic data of your site.


SunExposure is usable at any time during the design, in particular in the early phases where the level of details is low and that only localisation, environment and envelop geometry are known.

Variant for project Faverges, arch. B. Clerget, LinéaireA

These information on the exposure to direct sunrays have a great influence on many decisions regarding the project in order to determine strategies for luminous and thermal ambience:

  • Position of the openings,
  • Determination of the parts of the project that require solar protections to avoid glare or overheat,
  • Evaluation of the efficicnecy of designed solar protections,
    Comparison of solar protections,
  • Determination of the surfaces that will require stronger thermal insulation or on the contrary that may lead to overheating,
  • Determination of the surfaces of facades that may be used for solar gains,
  • Determination of the best places for solar panels.

The exposure to direct sunrays of a point on a facade depend on the climatic data of the site, the environment (natural and built), the period of time selected and the geometry of the project. It is independent of materials used for the project or its environment.

The interface of SunExposure is adapted to the interface of Sketchup and is easy to use. It provides several levels of details for inputs as well as results.

SunExposure runs on Windows and Mac. It is available in English and French.

You can freely download SunExposure and buy DL-Light license to enhance functionalities.