License information

DL-Light SketchUp extensions are available in evaluation or licensed versions.
The software is available for download on DeLuminae web site and in SketchUp Extension Warehouse.
License details are provided in license file.

To purchase license, go to the website of De Luminae or contact authors on for special cases.

DL-Light SketchUp Extension
Copyright (c) 2015 - 2023
De Luminae

Differences between licensed and trial versions

The trial version has limited features and options, and can be used to explore basic extension functionalities. For more advanced and professional usage, licensed version is recommended. Below is given list of differences between these two versions.

Options/Functions Evaluation version Licensed version
Maximal number of surfaces with results calculated 3 Unlimited
Number of processes in parallel Number of CPUs Number of CPUs
Hour format Standard, solar Standard, solar
Level of details Sparse, simple, detailed, very detailed, custom Sparse, simple, detailed, very detailed, custom
Values for analysis Average Total, Average, Percentage
Period of analysis Winter and Summer All seasons, any period defined by start and end date
Single hour calculation Not supported Supported
False color scale manipulations Supported Supported
Model cleaning Supported Supported
Create snapshot images Not supported Supported
Palette export Not supported Supported
Create copy and create copy in instances Supported Supported
Show values dialog Not supported Supported
Delete temporary files and images Always Can disable
Choice of Interpolation algorithm Not supported Supported
Advanced preferences setting Not supported (except 'Start timeout'), results caching fixed to 5 Supported
SEPP65 SunExposure calculation Not supported Supported

License dialog

License dialog can be opened from menu Extensions -> De Luminae -> Global parameters -> License. It contains information about registration key and e-mail address.

License dialog