Specialised in Daylighting, for architecture and urbanism, De Luminæ helps its clients:

  • to improve the performances of lighting, in particular daylighting, in their projects,
  • to increase the levels of comfort in the interior and exterior spaces,
  • to enrich the pleasantness of luminous ambience with respect to the architectural intentions,
  • to study the status of projects regarding environmental assessment methods like BREEAM, HQE, LEED, etc.
De Luminæ publishes software DL-Light, a SketchUp extension for:

  • Calculation of the energy arriving of the surfaces in Watt / m²,
  • Daylight Factor calculation,
  • Luminous Autonomy calculation,
  • BREEAM requirements for natural light,
  • Sky View Factor and
  • solar studies.

De Luminæ can work during the early phases of design, but also within the validation phase at the end of the design, for new buildings, rehabilitations and for urban projects. Our studies are suited to any types of buildings (schools, housings, offices, museums, etc.).

For each project, we point out zones with high potential or possible difficulties for energy, lighting performance, visual comfort and pleasantness relatively to architect’s intentions.