SketchUp extension to Study Natural Light
in Architectural and Urban Projects

New : Support of SketchUp 2024

Daylight metrics

compatible with LEED, BREEAM, Rights of Light, SEPP65...

Exterior surfaces and urban metrics in DL-Light

Outdoor and urban metrics

Exposure to direct sun
Incident energy in Watt
and more

Metrics for indoor calculations in DL-Light

Metrics for indoor calculations

Daylight factor and autonomy
No sky line, Sky factor
and more

Short videos on

Short videos on DL-Light

Graphical, interactive results
and spreadsheet exports

Graphical results in DL-Light

Graphical results within SketchUp

DL-Light provides graphical results and corresponding numerical reports for further analysis

interactive results in DL-Light

Interactive report

Explore the results directly within the model to check surfaces and spot areas of interest faster

Explore results in your spreadsheet

Direct export to spreadsheet

The report can be directly exported for use in spreadsheets for specific calculations

Sky View Factor on DL-LIght


"DL-Light is a set of extremely useful software tools for planning and research in natural and artificial light within buildings."

"We have been using DL-Light for a number of years on both Architectural, and Urban Design projects. ... The support from the DL-Light team has been outstanding over the many years of our engagement with the team and the program."

"DL-Light represents a step change improvement in the assessment of natural light."

Free download of our software to study natural light

You can freely download the evaluation versions of our software and test without time limitation.
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