What's new in the latest version of DL-Light

You'll find here the latest enhancements of DL-Light. The details of previous versions is shown below.

DL-Light 15.0.11 for MacOS and Windows (1st February 2024) :

    - New extension: daylight autonomy according to standard EN17037

  - New extension: daylight autonomy according to standard EN17037/UK

  - Technical update (Python version)

Evolution of Versions 14.x

DL-Light 14.0.75 for MacOS and Windows (2nd October 2023) :

  - Fix exclusion border display on textures

  - VSC plugin bug fix

  - Reorganization of backend and Radiance files

DL-Light 14.0.66 for MacOS and Windows (23rd August 2023) :

  - SDA : fix message for "Undefined timezone"

  - SunExposure : add report/comparator to single moment calculation

  - Add free period choice for APSH

  - Fix a cache issue with sDA/ASE

DL-Light 14.0.60 for MacOS and Windows (15 July 2023):

  - New Radiance engine (5.3)

  - Fix a display bug on the location for Daylight Factor plugins.

DL-Light 14.0.57 for MacOS and Windows (31 march 2023):

  - virtual surfaces have a different group name than source

  - improve preferences file export and import

DL-Light 14.0.54 for MacOS and Windows (12 march 2023):

  - Fixed export for nested invisible tags

  - Fixed materials export for surfaces without tag (Layer0)

  - Fixed crash when Windows version is not available

DL-Light 14.0.50 for MacOS and Windows (5th February 2023):

  - Compatibility SketchUp 2023

  - A surface without a tag (Layer0) is now associated with the tag of the first tagged upper group.

  - Translation of old terms 'Layer0' to 'Untagged' in reports

  - Fixed virtual surface creation in groups or instances

DL-Light 14.0.44 for MacOS and Windows (11th January 2023):  

- An option allows to display in reports the angle to the north and the orientation of the faces

  - An option allows to display in reports the name of the group's instance

  - Sunexposure, watt: user definition of complex occupancy period via .toml files

  - DF EN17037 and DF EN17037/UK: addition of custom location and illuminance

  - Fixed a bug that could cause previous calculation results to be retained

DL-Light 14.0.37 for Windows only (6th September 2022):

  - Sunexposure: possibility to set the minimum threshold of the solar altitude (compatible EN17037)

  - Missing material warning for surfaces can be disabled

DL-Light 14.0.36 for MacOS and Windows (6th September 2022) :

  - New extension: DF EN17037 with UK adjustments

  - Improved handling of materials with dependencies

  - Limitation of the number of sensors for a surface (adjustable)

DL-Light 14.0.25 for MacOS and Windows (11th May 2022) :

  - Materials: management of ".cal" files in the "radiance_extra" folder

  - New feature: virtual copy for all surfaces of a tag

  - DF EN17037: precision increased to 2 decimals (as for the classic DF)

  - Fix issue of .skp files modified without extension activation

  - Optimization of material images loading

  - Minor GUI improvements

DL-Light 14.0.12 for MacOS (14th february 2022):

  - compatibility for MacOS 10.14+ and SketchUp 2022

DL-Light 14.0.11 for Windows (8th february 2022):

  - DL-Light ready for SketchUp 2022 on Windows

  - Bug fix on the WRF module where wrong values were displayed in tooltips

DL-Light 14.0.4 for MacOS and Windows (30th december 2021):

  - Last version compatible with older MacOS <= 10.14

  - New extension: Estidama (United Arab Emirates standard)

  - Functionality: optional display of the sensor exclusion band (edge limit of sensors)

Evolution of versions 12.x

DL-Light 12.0.65 for MacOS and Windows (9th november 2021):

     Mostadam: addition of missing documentation

    Mostadam: optimization of Radiance settings

    Watt: in mode without inter-reflection, removal of the warning of missing materials

    Windows: fixed an error if more than 60 threads are used

DL-Light 12.0.63 for MacOS and Windows (6th october 2021):

  New plugin: Mostadam Rating System (Saudi Arabia standard)

  Detection of a zero duration of the custom occupation period

  Fix of some paths of help files

  Adaptation of terminology layer/tag in user interface

  Fix some network error for SU2017

  Internal optimizations and minor bug fixes

DL-Light 12.0.50 for MacOS and Windows (30th July 2021):

  Lock of layers for rendering  

  Direct export of reports to spreadsheets (generation of .ods files)

  Add Spectral DB material library (https://spectraldb.com)

  DF EN17037: "foot-candle" option for compatibility with the Well standard

  DF EN17037: display of the distance between the model and the weather file

  Materials: display of a temporary image during the calculation of a material

  Internal optimizations and minor bug fixes

DL-Light 12.0.8 for MacOS and Windows (18th january 2021):

  correction of detection of number of cores for SketchUp 2021

DL-Light 12.0.7 for MacOS and Windows (14th january 2021):

  update for SketchUp 2021

  display more statistics in BREEAM reports

  fix units display for the total option of the Watt extension

  fix a display bug on the "space types" window

  addition of a directory for authentication keys

DL-Light 12.0.2 for MacOS and Windows (16th december 2020):

 new extension: sDA/ASE (LEED credits, LM83 materials, comparisons)

 Daylight Factor EN17037: improvement for horizontal openings

 improvement on toolbars, now configurable

 better usability of the 1-click selection tool

 added parameter -as by default for DA, Watt and WRF

 fix on possible confilcts with other extensions from other editors

 fix on no visible layers exported to Radiance

 fix a bug in extension sunexposure for shadows

 fix a bug in extension sunexposure for precise moment

 fix a bug preventing ground albedo to be 0

 improved messages (Daylight Factor EN17037, Watt)

 new mecanism for license management (per extension validation, installation quotas)

 specific executables for windows 8, windows 10 and windows serveur

 optimised startup time for extensions in specific situations

 internal optimisations

Evolution of versions 11.x

DL-Light 11.0.9 for MacOS and Windows (6th July 2020):

    Fix export in case of hidden objects on Layer0 inside visible components

DL-Light 11.0.8 for MacOS and Windows (15th May 2020):

    Fix extensions display for unregistered users

    Materials: model library can now be exported

    New mouse cursor for "show values" tool

DL-Light 11.0.5 for MacOS and Windows (15th May 2020):

    Fix a bug blocking the opening of the APSH plugin without license

    Add a "Clear" button on the license window 

    Administration menu moved to global parameters 

    Average column displayed in Sun Exposure reports 

    Fix a bug of textures missing on virtual layers

    Sun Exposure extension : additional reports per days and per hours

    Internal optimizations

DL-Light 11.0.0 for MacOS and Windows (30 April 2020):

    New extension: Daylight Factor for standard EN 17037

    New extension: Horizontal Sight Angle for standard EN 17037

    DF BREEAM and DA BREEAM calculation: 0.5m border now optional

    APSH: addition of the angle of the surface relative to the south

    "Show only calculated areas" display: removal of shading

    Transparency of layers: better restoration of the initial state

    Graphics improvement (textures, reports, reports icon)

  - Virtual surfaces _dl_XXX_group renamed to _dl_XXX_sensors_results

    Improvement of the model update message following a new version

    Internal optimizations and minor bug fixes

Evolution of versions 10.x

DL-Light 10.0.12 for MacOS and Windows (15 April 2020):

    Improvement of reports

    Add the indicator WPSH/APSH for BRE calculation

    Bug fix for retrieval of archives in APSH

DL-Light 10.0.8 for MacOS and Windows (25 march 2020):

   Bug fix for the calculation of SunExposure single moment

DL-Light 10.0.7 for MacOS and Windows (19 march 2020):

   Bug fix for the calculation of Daylight Autonomy in the special case of LEED V2 Option 4

DL-Light 10.0.6 for MacOS and Windows (1st march 2020):

   Better integration of Sky constraints in Sky Factor

DL-Light 10.0.1 for MacOS and Windows (20th february 2020):

    Installer for SketchUp 2020

DL-Light 10.0.0 for MacOS and Windows (1st february 2020):

    New extension: Sky Factor and Rights of Light

    New extension: Horizontal Sight Angle (EN 17037 compliant)

    New functionality in toolbars: Transparency of layers

    New functionality in toolbars: Show only false colors

    Explicit error message for SketchUp layers with empty names

    Better detection of wrong timezone in sunexposure plugin

    Option in preferences for displaying extensions in menu

    Internal optimizations and minor bug fixes

Evolution of versions 9.x

DL-Light 9.2.0 for MacOS and Windows:

    Improvement of the No SKy Line module using a compound engine

    Add function for Sunexposure to calculate shadows instead of direct sun

    Improved integration of auxiliary files for materials (.cal; .xml, .pic)

    Fix on transparency max for transparent materials

    Removed a rare bug on Mac for encoding

    Fix an overflow error (for plugins DA, Watt, WRF) for extremely large illuminance values

DL-Light 9.1.0 for MacOS and Windows:

    Extension "No-sky Line" is now available in DL-Light

    New version manager (list of changes in the new version)

    Detailed message when opening a model containing results from older DL-Light versions

    Rename "Archive" and "Load" buttons to "Save archive" and "Load archive"

    Windows version only: fix initial display bug for preferences and palette

    Fix wrong "watt" label in Daylight autonomy palette

    Fix display of palette choice when only custom palette is allowed (DA and DF BREEAM, SEPP65)

    Minor bug fixes

DL-Light 9.0.9 for MacOS and Windows:

    VSC (Vertical Sky Component) is now introduced in DL-Light

    APSH and WPSH (Annual and Winter Probable Sun Hours) are now introduced in DL-Light

    Improved cleaning features

    Various interface improvements (report window, material manager)

    Minor bug fixes

Evolution of versions 8.x

DL-Light 8.0.84 for MacOS and Windows:

  Fix for a bug in making snapshots with palette  

DL-Light 8.0.83 for MacOS and Windows:  

  Fix a crash when no surface to calculate has valid sensors  

  Fix Watt computation for custom periods  

  Option to use "Watt per square foot" unit (Watt and WRF plugins)  

  Improved layout for the attach material tab (Watt, WRF, DA, DF plugins)  

  Improved layout for space type dialog, DA BREEAM report, DF BREEAM report  

  Minor fixes  

DL-Light 8.0.76 for MacOS and Windows:

   Bug fix on the report for SunExposure Total calculation. In some cases, when the calculation was set to Total and and specific Timestep was defined, an error occured in the calculation of the report (though the detailed files were correct).

DL-Light 8.0.66 for MacOS and Windows (major version):

    New module: Watt Reduction Factor

    Improved translations, minor bug fixes

DL-Light 8.0.52 for MacOS and Windows (major version):

    There is now a result comparator included in DL-Light. With it you can compare results from different simulations to compare design alternatives. see more at https://deluminaelab.com/dl-light-manual/en/comparison.html

    Includes total in Watt reports

    Improved selection of surfaces from reports (highlight or classical selection)

    Bug fixes

DL-Light 8.0.34 for MacOS and Windows :

    Possibility to archive and reload simulation results

    Installation as dmg instead of pkg for MacOs

    Improvement on the algorithms to calculate very small surfaces

DL-Light 8.0.21 for MacOS and Windows :

    Support of the North orientation changes (for example via the plugin Solar North)

DL-Light 8.0.19 for MacOS and Windows :

    Version compatible with SketchUp 2019. DL-Light now supports SketchUp 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

    Bug fix on snapshots

    Bug fix on virtual surfaces

DL-Light 8.0.18 for MacOS and Windows : Major version

    Introduction of possibility to calculate complex non-adjacent calculation periods (see helps files). Default complex period is set to SMART solar calculation.

    Addition of a sound when a long calcualtion is finished.

    In the Watt module, display or Watt or KiloWatt.

    Definition of a simple Admin menu

DL-Light 8.0.6 for MacOS and Windows : Major version

    Introduction of a cache system to accelerate calculation

    Elimination of the "Render selection", "Update all", "Update textures, the software now detects to necessary calculation

    Improvement of the sensors grid system

    Possibility to attach different grids of sensors to different surfaces

    Improvement on the custom periods of calculation per full days, per hours intervals and per start/end daters

    Correction of a bug during modification of Daylight Factor calculation for VSC calculation

Evolution of versions 7.x

DL-Light 7.0.58 for MacOS and Windows:

    Improvement on the management of "original" textures (SketchUp textures) and their restoration

    Bux fix on specific calculation for Winter season

DL-Light 7.0.52 for MacOS and Windows:

    Adding meridian information to ensure the validity of results as SketchUp handles is only from a geometric point of view

   Using a new widget for the selection of custom time periods

    Technical refactoring of some parts for future module addition

    Small bug fixes

DL-Light 7.0.40 for MacOS and Windows:

    Adding surface average results within Watt module report

DL-Light 7.0.39 for MacOS and Windows:

    Bug fix on a rare occurence for textures

DL-Light 7.0.38 for MacOS and Windows:

    Important Bug fix in the Watt module on the calculation of the maximum of insolation on a point

    Improvement on DF and DA report columns

DL-Light 7.0.24 for MacOS and Windows:

    Improved management of internal referentials for faces inside groups

    Various improvements on the management of faces' id. Added controls for duplicate faces.

    Bug fix on Sunexposure where clear sky is set before calculation.

DL-Light 7.0.20 for MacOS and Windows:

    Bug fix on crash for trial version

DL-Light 7.0.18 for MacOS and Windows:

    Improved virtual surfaces

    Improved management of quasi-planar surfaces (but not so planar in fact)...

    Modified authentication for complex cases

    Bug fixes 

DL-Light  7.0.8 for MacOS: 

    Bug fix on reports for somes cases of surfaces

DL-Light 7.0.7: 

    Bug fix on report tables

DL-Light 7.0.6: Major version

    SEPP65 Australian Daylight indicator included in DL-Light

    New version of Radiance included

    Improvements on the generation of sensors

    Improved interface

    Improved management of huge number of sensors

    Better preferences management

    Various bug fixes

Evolution of versions 6.x

DL-Light Version 6.0.32   

    Bug fix on screenshots with palette

DL-Light Version 6.0.27   
    No more Dos box when calculation are launched

DL-Light Version 6.0.23:
    Full coherence with the Mac version
    New interface
    New preference management
    New false colour management
    Bug fixes

DL-Light Version 6.0.32:
    Bug fix on screenshots with palette 

DL-Light Version 6.0.26:
    Bug fix on the display of transmission coefficient of transparent materials 

DL-Light Version 6.0.23:
    Bug fixes 

DL-Light Version 6.0.13:
    Autonomy calculation and Breeam support  
    Improved false color textures 
    New interface 
    New preferences management 
    Improved speed 
    Bux fixes 
    Major internal refactoring

DL-Light Version 6.0.12:
    Support of SketchUp 2018

DL-Light Version 6.0.10:
       New Instant module for fast simulations in luminance and illuminance
       Improvement on night day hours management for occupation profiles in autonomy calculation
       Improveme,t of export programs for very complex surfaces

Evolution of versions 5.x

Version 5.1.51: Improvements

    Remember dialog size and position where dialog are reopened  

    New daylight factor functionality : specify different surfaces types (Default surfaces type and specific ones) 

    Various fixes (correction on the support of Hebrew characters, ...) 

Version 5.1.45:

    Report improvements

Version 5.1.44:

    Calculation of the Daylight Factor 

    Support of SketchUp 2018 

    Improved false colour imaging system 

    Improved preferences management

Version 5.1.25:

    Improved help files, few bug fixes

Version 5.1.21:

    Includes a fix for preference window. 

Version 5.1.16:

    The macOS version is back! 

    It includes exposure to direct sunrays, sky view factor and the new Watt module. 

    Daylight Factor, Luminous autonomy and BREEAM calculation will be added as soon as possible.

Version 5.0.15:

    Improved management of large SketchUp files (hundreds of layers, etc.)

Version 5.0.14:

    Windows version now includes the watt module to calculate the energy arriving on the outside faces.

   New simpler interface for all modules.

Older versions

Version 5.0.15: Improved management of large SketchUp files (hundreds of layers, etc.)

Version 5.0.14: Windows version now includes the watt module to calculate the energy arriving on the outside faces.

  New simpler interface for all modules.

Improved in version 4.2.7:

    Bug fix regarding Push/Pull tool.

    Quick patch to take into account South hemisphere season definition 

New in verion 4.2.3:

    Support of SketchUp 2017.


    In SunExposure module added separate definition of site Location and Weather file to reach a maximum position of the sun.

    In SunExposure module added possibility to select time step in range 1-60min for clear sky calculation.

    Added feature ‘Show/Hide virtual surfaces’ in SE and SVF extension.


    User interface is now using jQuery libraries.

    Improved algorithms for custom time period.

    DF ReportDialog shows average DF value per surface.


    Fixed font size problems for Windows 8 for high resolution screens or with modified font size in advanced Windows settings.

    Fixed bug when some of location coordinates are 0.

    Fixed DA calculation when location coordinates and weather data are different.


    Added new extension DaylightFactor

    Added faces highlighting when working in ReportDialog and SpaceTypeDialogAdded

    Added naming of spaces for easier reporting

    Added reports for Skyview Factor and SunExposure

    Added possibility to Detach all Materials and revert to previous configuration of materials


    Tools ‘Create Copy’ and ‘Create Copy in Instances’ have been simplified and work like other standard SketchUp tools.

    Copy surfaces created only for faces selected after tools activation

    Improved DA BREEAM accuracy – sensors closer to borders than limit distance are removed from minimum illuminance

    Change format of output report files

    Improved palette appearance in snapshot images

    Bug fixes


    Access to detailed results per surface in Autonomy, Breeam, SVF and SunExposure.

    Added report dialog for SVF and SunExposure.

    Minor improvements.

    Bug Fixes.


    Calculation of BREEAM requirements for minimum point illuminance.

    Calculation of BREEAM requirements for average illuminance.

    Space type management for BREEAM.

    Evaluation of BREEAM illuminance requirements for a whole project.


   New material manager.

    Report dialog

    Bug fixes.


    Daylight Autonomy calculation

    Faster calculation is all 3 modules

    Better management of calculation abort

    Bug fixes


    SkyView Factor can now be calculated

    Per layer selection

    One-click selection

    Check for updates

    Extension switch


    Better FC scale generation

    Improved management of Output directory

    Fixed SunExposure calculation for single hour

    Reorganization of observers

    Bug fixes.