Estidama has by designed for Abu Dhabi Emirate to build and operate more sustainable buildings. 

It is based on the Pearl rating system. This module of DL-Light has been designed specifically to perform the necessary calculations and evaluate the status of the projects regarding Estidama requirements.

Compliance of surfaces

The compliance of each surface is displayed in false colors for immediate understanding

Estidama in DL-Light

In-depth investigation

For the 6 dates in Estidama, results can be displayed so that non-compliant surface may be studied in greater details

Estidama in DL-Light

Detailed report per date

For each surface, the percentage of surface within defined limits can be shown to get in-depth understanding of the current status of the project

Estidama in DL-Light

Synthetic report

The synthetic report allows to check the status of the project on a single table

Estidama in DL-Light