Results comparison in DL-Light


Easily compare results of different scenarios for Daylight Factor, Daylight Autonomy, Exposure to direct sun and Watt computations.

The comparator is a tool that allows to check differences between 2 archived results in DL-Light.

You can evaluate the impact of a protection, find the right size for an overhang, find the impact of your project on the neighbouring buildings.

For elevation, an elevation often raised in the neighbourhood concerns about the  quantity of sun and sky that may be lost. Using the comparator you can easily measure that impact.

Below is the same model wiith 2 options for solar protections. On the left, no protection is designed, glazings are just a little inside. On the right an overhang of 1.5m has been designed. On these facades the quantity is direct sun for the summer period is calculated and the results are displayed as the number of hours the sunrays hit the facades.

The graphical display directly shows that the overhang is efficient to protect from the sunrays. But beyond these visual qualitative result, more quantitative results are often needed.

Comparisons in DL-Light no overhang

Number of hours of Direct sun in Summer
Model with no overhang for each floor

Comparison in DL-Light

Number of hours of Direct sun in Summer
Model with 1.5 meter overhang for each floor

The simulations above have been archived then retrieved in the comparison tool to produce the table below.

On the table, the top part displays a short summary of the 2 simulations. .Then the main part of the table displays for each calculated surface, the impact of the bigger overhang compared to the smaller one.

For example, if we look at the first line, it reads as follows: the name of the surface is 66 by default for an area of 116.76m².

    - The part of the surface that receives nearly no direct sun (<1h per day) is increased by 287% when adding the overhang.

    - The part of the surface that receives some direct sun (between 1h and 2hours per day) is decreased by 48% when adding overhang.

    - If we look at even more sun, then we see that the decrease is even more drastic.

In conclusion that single table summarizes the complete effect of the overhang regarding direct sun on the facade.