Users' Feedbacks

Dear Jean-Dominique Lenard and De luminae lab team

We wish to deeply appreciate your brilliant plugin for SketchUp.

It works great, allowing us to preform accurate custom and standard analysis for our customers.

We especially like to thank you for your professional support whenever needed.

I’m a green building and energy consultant at Amphibio LTD, an Israeli environmental consulting company

We have been using DL-Light for a number of years on both Architectural, and Urban Design projects. DL-Light is intuitive, accurate and graphically customisable. The reporting features are excellent for detailed data analysis including the export features to excel and the export to our CAD system. The support from the DL-Light team has been outstanding over the many years of our engagement with the team and the program.

" In the pursuit of sustainable development and urban consolidation access to natural light is becoming an increasingly important field of inquiry in Ireland.

Recognising that overcast sky conditions predominate in our climate it is not appropriate to assess daylight availability with regard to simple shadow casting imagery; a more quantitative approach is required.

More importantly a quantitative approach is required at the very earliest stages of a designs development.

DL-Light is well qualified to provide this early stage quantitative feedback. While in the past in was often necessary for a daylight consultant to rebuild models in various standalone applications in order to run a full suite of tests, DL-Light has consolidated many of the most important tests into one place allowing daylight practitioners to realise significant workflow efficiencies. Combining the power and credibility of the Radiance daylight simulation engine with the convenience and speed of the SketchUp modelling environment, DL-Light represents a step change improvement in the assessment of natural light."

“QODA use DL-Light regularly for early site planning and massing studies, where we find the speed and responsiveness of the software tools incredibly helpful. DL-Light also excels at presenting data visually, which is essential when dealing with complex architectural and engineering topics. We also use the software for more detailed and parametric design studies such as optimising solar shading designs for winter and summer performance. Again, the ability to present these studies visually and in 3D is highly valued and appreciated both by our own engineers, and by architects we are partnering with.”

“DL-Light is a set of extremely useful software tools for planning and research in natural and artificial light within buildings. The intuitive user interface is easy to handle, offers a wide range of setting options and yet remains focused on what is essential for engineering purposes. The calculation results are directly presented on the sites under study within the Sketchup model. Validations of the prognosis results by comparisons with the Radiance ray-tracing engine showed quite good accordances. The same applies to our own observation data which are in good agreement with the calculation results of the sun exposure module. - All in All: highly recommendable!