Sky Factor and Rights of Light

The Sky Factor is the ratio of illuminance received directly through unglazed and unframed openings, to illuminance on a horizontal plane due to an unobstructed hemisphere, for a standard uniform sky. The Sky Factor does not include reflected light from outdoor or indoor surfaces.

The Sky Factor indicator is mostly used in UK policies, both for new constructions assesment and to work out whether a proposed new building will affect the 'Rights of Light' of an existing building. The impact of the new building on the 0.2% limit position allows to evaluate the loss of light.

Easy visualization of the Sky Factor inside Sketchup models

Every calculated surface is displayed in false colors according to the palette to allow immediate understanding of the results

Sky Factor in DL-Light

Rights of Light inside Sketchup models

The areas in red are the sky loss.

Rights of Light  in DL-Light

Detailled results

The report window gives detailled results for each surface and can be easily exported.

Rights of Light  in DL-Light