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Fast and reliable simulations of luminance and illuminance in daylighting for architectural and urban projects.
It is based on a progressive rendering of the points of views chosen so the images progressively refine to provide information as fast as possible.

DL-Instant is a fast simulation software of daylit ambiances for architecture and urban projects. It uses a Intel's Embree ray-tracing engine.

It allows as early as the conception phase to study natural light directly from a SketchUp model.

DL-Instant is a module of DL-light suite and it shares the same general philosophy: " Use the most sophisticated technical tools and hide complexity to give to the user, as early as possible, valid information and chart inside their conception tool. "

3D rendering tools generally aim to generate the nicest possible images, and provide a realism that brings in the user's subjectivity. On the opposite, DL-Instant focuses on the scientific validity and quality of natural light distribution on the model.

Daylight rendering and visualisation

DL-Instant false colors
False colours visualisation
Sensors in DL-Instant
Sensors calculation
Multi-cameras rendering in DL-Instant
Multi cameras rendering

Daylight metrics and annual calculation

DGP and other metrics in DL-Instant
DGP and other metrics
Annual DGP in DL-Instant
Annual metrics and EN17037
Reports in DL-Instant

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