What's new in the latest version of DL-Instant

You'll find here the latest enhancements of DL-Light. The details of previous versions is shown below.

DL-Instant 6.1.4 for Windows:

    Add the possibility the change the horizontal and vertical fields of vision

   Add the "Safe Mode" for computers not supporting the GPU mode for cameras

   Better technical integration with DL-Light

DL-Instant 6.0.35 for Windows (major version):

    Instant now includes the fast calculation of major indicators like DGP.

    Support of SketchUp 2019

    Major work on the validation of the results by comparison with Radiance renderings

    Few bug fixes

DL-Instant Version 6.0.23:

    Bug fix on exported images 

DL-Instant Version 6.0.13:

    Bug fix on Instant export in GPU movements 

    Bux fix on display for evaluation version