SEPP65 Daylight indicator

Australian indicator for residential projects

DL-Light performs precise calculation of the SEPP65 Daylight indicator.

SEPP65 is used to study compliance of the model with solar access requirements in The NSW Government (Australia) State Environmental Planning Policy No 65 - Design Quality of Residential Apartment Development (SEPP 65).

The objective of the indicator is to evaluate if enough direct sunlight reaches the inside spaces of apartments, so for residential buildings. The calculation is performed for the 21st June (Winter), with a theoretical sky always clear.

Solar access requirements in SEPP 65 (from

Easy Interface

The interface of the SEPP65 module has been made as simple as possible to minimize inputs

SEPP65 main dialog

One-click creation of virtual planes

The virtual plan tools inside DL-Light allows you to create directly the calculation plane at the right place in just one click.

SEPP65 virtual planes

Graphical visualization

The results of SEPP65 calculation are displayed graphically directly inside the SketchUp model in 3 colours : green enough direct sun, yellow little direct sun, blue no direct sun

SEPP65 graphical results

Detailled results

Easy access to detailled results per surface, per flat or even point by point

SEPP65 detailled results