Vertical Sky Component

The Vertical Sky Component is an indicator used mainly in the UK and Hong-Kong to assess the penetration of natural sky light through windows at an early stage of the project design. It is often used in conjunction with APSH indicator for the sun.

Its idea is to measure for one point on the window the percentage of the sky light that will hit this point and then penetrate the space.

In the UK, the BRE gives recommendations will values of this indicator.

Our purpose is to enable fast and easy calculation of this indicator directy on a SketchUp model.

In that respect we follow directly the BRE guidelines and propose one point per surface where the VSC will be calculated and produce reports and images.

Easy VSC visualization inside Sketchup models

Every calculated surface is displayed in false colors according to the palette to allow immediate understanding of the results

VSC in DL-Light

Detailled VSC results

The report window gives detailled results for each surface and can be easily exported.

VSC in DL-Light