Watt module
for Mac & Windows

Energy received by the outside surfaces in watt / m²

DL-Light performs precise irradiation calculation. It calculates between 2 dates the energy received on the selected outside surfaces of the 3D model in terms of W/m² depending on the location and the climatic data.

This is a great tool to evaluate the status of the project regarding the efficiency of protections like blinds or overhangs, but it also helps to detect surfaces that should be well insulated.

It takes into account climatic data, glazed and opaque material reflexion factors, albedo and the complete geometry of the project and of the site.

It has been validated by comparison with case base 600 of ASHRAE Standard 140-2011, see on the validation paper.

The combination of the results of SunExposure and of this Watt module gives an immediate understanding of the project from Energy and Luminous points of view.