De Luminæ is a technical and research office in natural and artificial lighting, its impacts on energy consumption and the improvement of comfort and pleasantness for sustainable buildings and cities.

De Luminæ produces and distributes the software DL-Light, based on Radiance, for the design and evaluation of architectural and urban ambiances in Daylighting. De Luminæ has developed expertise in software Radiance, internationally renowned for the scientific quality of its results and that allows to simulate the most complex situations. 

As it comes from the research field, De Luminæ keeps a strong R&D activity in order to maintain a high level of expertise and a constant innovative strategy. 

De Luminæ was founded in 2008 by Ljubica Mudri and Jean-Dominique Lénard. Ljubica Mudri is Architect, PhD in Energetics from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, specialist in Daylighting. She has been teaching Daylighting in various universities in France. Jean-Dominique Lénard, PhD in Applied Maths from University Paris-Dauphine, MSc Applied Mathematics from the London School of Economics (LSE), specialized in simulation techniques. They have published the results of their researches in many international journals and congresses. 

De Luminæ has developed a strong expertise in Daylighting in order to contribute to the most varied questions: highly complex architecture, specific interior and exterior spaces, luminous discomfort, subjective questions, etc. 

De Luminæ accompanies architects, consultants, building buyers and users to answer 3 main questions, essential to energetics and comfort:

  1. Quantity of light, is there enough natural light in the spaces for the intended activities ?
  2. Comfort/discomfort, how is natural light distributed in the spaces or why do users complain ?
  3. Pleasantness, does natural light contribute to create a pleasant space that corresponds to the intentions?
De Luminae - Consultancy


We focus on expert short-term missions on Daylighting and mixed lighting, primarily on the analysis of comfort and pleasantness within project or built environments. Learn more...

De Luminae - Software

Software Development

We distribute our suite of tools for the analysis of Daylighting in architectural and urban projects. Learn more...

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