Project CLEA

Comfort, Light, Energy, Ambience
Project CLEA presents architectural, urban, theoretical, scientific, energetic, sensitive, qualitative and poetic points of view along with methods and actual indicators for the evaluation of luminous ambience in daylighting. These evaluations for architectural and urban projects during the design phase aim at helping participants to the projects in their quest for energy savings, comfort and pleasantness.
Leader : De Luminæ

Project GEP

Garantee for Energy Performance
Project GEP (link in French) aims is to define methodologies, methods and tools to develop the guarantee of energy performance for buildings and rehabilitations to reduce energy consumption by a ratio of 2 or 4.
Among 20 contributors, De Luminæ was the group expert for Daylighting.

Software Enelight

Software development
De Luminæ developed Enelight simulation code that is integrated in software pleiades developed by Izuba.

Project Paciba

DayLight, Energy, Ambience
De Luminæ participated to Paciba (in French) project to contribute to the integration of daylighting in energy calculation.

Project “Luminous ambience, perceptive sensitivity and impacts on behaviours in the social space”

Research program
De Luminæ participated to the research program Cognitique for the study of natural light and dimensions of personality. Results were published in PLEA congress 2001.

Project “Measures and qualifications of luminous ambience in daylighting”

Daylight ambience and measurements
Development of a method to link qualitative-intuitive and scientific-quantitative approaches. Main aims of this work were to enrich architects’ intuitions for luminous ambience and to prepare a basis for the development of criteria for the taxonomy of luminous ambience.

Leader: De Luminæ

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